Sensory Drive

In 2017 my 5-year-old grandson Landon in Alabama was diagnosed with autism. Like many families this diagnosis was devastating for us as it also came with a description of a challenging lifelong journey he would face. Landon was diagnosed as high-functioning and nonverbal. In short, Landon would face greater challenges than those of his peers in performing daily routine tasks. Through much prayer, surrounded by a loving family and a community of friends Landon’s journey has taken on a very different path with amazing results. Today, with the help of these sensory items and other therapeutics, Landon is a highly functioning young boy who enjoys many areas of life to include sports, music and reading and now sits as 1st Chair Violin for the Huntsville Youth Orchestra! Landon’s attitude and determination has been inspiring to many as he confronts and overcomes daily situations in life that come so easy for many of us.

Landon's Puzzle Pieces was birthed in 2020 by Landon himself when asked what he wanted for his 8th birthday. His response to his parents was that he wanted to share his superpowers to help other children with autism. Landon's superpowers were sensory items that Landon and his family found helpful in his development over the years. What started out as a child’s heartfelt desire to help others has now spread to helping hundreds of children with autism far beyond Alabama and directly into our community here in Washington County Maryland.

The challenges we faced as a family are not unique. Many families impacted by autism need others to walk alongside them and find that path forward for their child. Through this annual end-of-year drive many individuals, corporations, and non-profits are coming together to make a difference. Over the past few years we have delivered 1000’s of sensory items to public schools, homeschoolers and families throughout our communities. Last year we expanded our reach across Maryland by partnering with Pathfinder’s for Autism and EdwardJones branch offices. Together we were able to deliver sensory items to school aged children stretching across Maryland from Washington County to inner-city Baltimore.

How can you help?

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