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Collecting and Distributing Sensory Items for Children with Autism

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit Landons Puzzle Pieces. Our hope is that our story is seen as just one of many amazing journeys in the world of Autism that some may share in similarity, for some a glimpse of hope that may have just started, and for others an opportunity to participate in an experience to redefine and reshape the path for others to follow.

Our Story

In the year of 2017 our son was diagnosed as a child with Autism. If you have experienced that moment through your own child, loved family member or close friend you remember that deep sea of emotions that followed. Along with those feelings you may recall the many moments of bewilderment of not knowing what to do. Our journey was not walked alone as we were joined by a loving family and others that simply asked what could they could do. While diagnosed as high functioning our son had to tackle many of life’s challenges that come so easy to others not on the spectrum. And while we have had great success our family continues on a journey to help our son achieve his greatest potential.


The Birth of Landon's Puzzle Pieces

In the summer of 2020, our son was about to turn 8. When asked what he would like for his birthday Landon shared that he wanted to help other kids like him find their "Super Powers." Super Powers, for Landon, are items that help him over come overstimulation. From a child's desire to help others birthed Landon's Puzzle Pieces that has begun to spread across the state of Alabama.

It is truly amazing to see how Landons Puzzle Pieces continues to grow in size and scope. Through giving and creating a local drive we have seen Landon’s Puzzle Pieces bring together a community that has spread across the nation.

Expansion to Maryland

In 2021 Landon's Puzzle Pieces began in the State of Maryland through educational partners, local businesses, and even participation of even professional athletes. In Washington County, Maryland Landon's Puzzle Pieces has spurned a community wide initiative called Landon's Project.   Landon’s Project is a commitment to developing a shared vision for health care and educational professionals to collaboratively provide real time intervention for the most intense district-wide student needs.

It is truly amazing to see how Landon's Puzzle Pieces continues to grow in size and scope.  Through giving and creating a local drive we have seen Landon’s Puzzle Pieces bring together a community that we hope will continue to spread across the nation.  Since its inception and due to the generosity of caring individuals and businesses across the country, we have been able to give thousands of items directly to local Autism outreach organizations and schools, who then pair the items to the children that need them.

How can you participate?

Landon's Puzzle Pieces was incorporated in September 2023 and has filed for 501c3 non-profit status. Our hearts desire is to help as many families as we can, that's where your partnership comes in. 100% of every donation goes directly to children and families with Autism in the communities we serve. Explore the links of both initiatives to discover what may be happening in your area or an opportunity to help us expand.

Again, thank you for taking the time to visit and perhaps help make a difference in the lives of others.


Nov 1, 2023 - 4th Annual Sensory Drive

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